Hannah from Channel 4 Ventures speaks to Associated podcast

Hannah, an Investment Manager in Channel 4 Ventures, is this week’s guest on Associated, a podcast broadening access to venture capital careers.

Hannah spends time talking about her journey into venture capital from being a strategy consultant, the power that TV advertising has today and what a media for equity deal with Channel 4 Ventures looks like. In addition, there is a quick chat about the Investment Associate role that Channel 4 Ventures is currently recruiting for.

You can listen to the podcast in all your favourite places, including Anchor and Spotify, and check out Associated’s website for really good resources on VC careers.

About Associated

Associated is a podcast that aims to make venture capital more accessible by interviewing the people in VC who we don’t hear from so often. Episodes demystify crucial aspects of the venture process by featuring mid-junior level folks who manage things like initial deal assessment, pipeline and due diligence. Hosted by Francesca Baillieu, Lois Ollerenshaw and Petra Müller, new episodes are available every Tuesday at 11am GMT! Find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.