TV builds brands

TV remains the most powerful media form in the UK in terms of reach, scale, emotional connection and trust and, as a result, is one of the only proven channels for companies to build a brand.

  • TV is the most widely viewed media form – with the average person in the UK watching 2.5 hours of broadcaster TV per day
  • TV makes brands famous because it evokes emotion, creating strong recollection in consumers' minds
  • TV is the most trusted advertising form
  • TV can be great value for money – TV is on average almost half the price of YouTube

TV drives results

In our experience, TV advertising has four main impacts on brands:

  • Improves higher-level marketing funnel metrics, such as unprompted awareness and trust, helping to make your company ‘top of mind’ amongst potential customers, even if they aren’t looking to purchase at this point in time. Ultimately, this drives higher web traffic.
  • Drives greater volumes of customers to the business, through greater awareness of the category and company, improved conversion rates, plus direct response to an advert.
  • Improves unit economics – our portfolio companies often tell us that their TV-acquired cohorts are more valuable over the long run than other cohorts, either spending more or churning less. The effectiveness of other measured media (e.g. Google, Facebook) improves, reducing the blended cost of customer acquisition.
  • Realises halo benefits, such as supporting supplier contract negotiations, finding new partnerships, and improving media coverage, amongst other things.

How much TV is enough?

£1m offers brand building benefits

As you can imagine, the ‘right’ level of TV budget varies depending on things such as a company’s sector, key sales channels, current and targeted revenue, and total marketing budget size.

For ‘new to TV’ brands, we often recommend that £250-500k can be a good test campaign, with £1m offering more tangible, longer-term ‘brand building’ benefits and greater marketing efficiencies.