Channel 4 Ventures invests in MEL Science as part of $14m round

We are delighted to announce that we have participated in MEL Science's $14m Series B funding round, alongside international investors including Mubadala Investment Company and other entities from Europe and China.

MEL Science is a London-based science educational platform. As a leading EdTech innovator, MEL Science aims to bring science to life through educational kits, combining hands-on experiments with interactive VR simulations and live lessons – created to help students learn in intuitive, engaging ways. Its award-winning products are designed for children aged 5 – 14 and are intended to be used either as an at-home teaching aid or by schools.

Vassili Philippov, Founder and CEO of MEL Science, said:

“Our mission is to encourage and educate a new generation of scientists. We have found that a subscription model lends itself perfectly to this. As demand for home education resources continues to increase, it provides a way to help parents fill the role of teachers during periods of classroom closures, and continually fuel their kids’ curiosity for, and interest in, subjects that are often difficult to grasp.”

“We have found investors that are as passionate about education as we are - who believe we have created a fantastic product that is both entertaining and educational. They have a wealth of experience and connections which, combined with their financial stimulus, will help MEL Science to realise its expansion and development ambitions.”

Since starting in 2015, the company has increased its range – adding a MEL Physics kit and a MEL Kids STEM kit, specially designed for children aged 5 – 10, to its original MEL Chemistry offering. All micro-science kits enable students to overcome the challenges of learning about science at home, with all the necessary tools to safely conduct the experiments provided. They can be supplemented with a range of free science videos and DIY articles published by the company, which have been viewed over a billion times and have helped grow an online community of more than 3 million followers.

Over the past year, MEL Science has proved an invaluable educational resource for tens of thousands of subscribers struggling with schooling disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But its combination of hands-on science experiments, interactive science simulations and free live lessons did more than just make life easier for parents. They inspired a new generation, nurturing budding talent and showing students the joy to be found in STEM subjects.

Vinay Solanki, Head of Channel 4 Ventures, said:

“Channel 4 Ventures is absolutely delighted to be investing in MEL Science, which is our first ed-tech investment. With hands-on science, MEL Science caters for the next generation of innovators by giving them something screens alone can’t, at a time when the need for scientific thinking and innovation in education is arguably greater than ever. Channel 4’s audience aligns perfectly with aspirational families and we are excited to be raising awareness of MEL Science at this crucial phase in their development.”

Faris Al Mazrui, Associate Director at Mubadala, said:

"Education systems around the world are facing a paradigm shift accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At Mubadala we are attracted to disruptive ideas that leverage technology and by companies that are led by passionate founders and determined leaders. MEL Science fits this elegantly and we are excited to see it pave the way for efficient and fun methods of science education." 

The company’s unique approach to education has not gone unnoticed. Its VR technology has recently been found to improve both test-scores and student engagement levels in a study by the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The products as a whole have won the BETT “Innovator of the Year 2020” award, EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award for “Best VR/AR Solution” (part of its EdTech Awards, 2020), and, most recently, VR Award’s 2020 Education and Training award.

Channel 4 Ventures is absolutely delighted to be investing in MEL Science...we are excited to be raising awareness of MEL Science at this crucial phase in their development.